#Heartblog // 10 Truths

Keltie Knight New York Fashion

#1- Nobody in Hollywood has their one hair (except Christina Perri.) I'm serious. Sometimes, you can totally tell when someone has extensions, but I've recently started to realize that every single person I know wears fake hair. So, when you watched the movies, or tv or read magazines and you feel bad because your mane doesn't look the same- just remember, everyone wears fake hair. Even me. Don't feel bad about your hair, because the standard is impossible. 

#2- The more successful you come the more people will want you to fail. This one is a bummer, but it's true. Most people are very uncomfortable with themselves and so they find great comfort in watching other people fall from grace. I remember when I first started, someone that I thought was a mutual friend on mine from NYC said behind my back "yea, she's doing great but it's just a digital job, it's not like she's on tv."  Fast forward 5 years, and I am on TV and that person is still a jealous hater. If she had avoided that hateorade, we could have reminded friends and I could even be helping her to reach her goals- but instead I had to unfriend on Facebook. #byefelicia 

#3- You need a mentor and you need to mentor someone else. I have a few great mentors, who I learn from and follow each day. I recently started mentoring other people who want to be entertainment reporters, I find both of these things equally gratifying. It's great to win for yourself, but it's also really great to help someone else win. 

#4- Business is business and friendship is friendship. I have three group of friends, friends who are soul friends, friends who also happen to be on team keltie, friends that I know because we work together. These are not the same thing. It becomes very tricky when you mix these up. I've come to realize that I always feel uncomfortable when I mix too much work with my soul friends, or where I expect my team Keltie friends to be my soul friends, or when I try to be soul friends with someone I'm spending one day with on set. For me, it works best to keep these things in their own little lanes. It also helps me remember who I can call and cry to in the car when I'm having a meltdown. 

#5- If you are in your mid-thirties and you are still letting boys be mean to you, or you keep going back to that guy that all your friends have told you for years is a bad egg. You are sabotaging your own life. You are most likely at your peak of sexual, physical and mental vibes in your mid-thirties, so get on your own team and start accepting only great people into your life. It seems so hard to keep the fuckboys away but it's all on you, you attract what you want, and you have to design your own life. 

#6- (from my makeup artist Rebecca) Do not let your thighs rule your life. She says when women spend their entire lives hating on themselves, and their weight, they look back and realize they missed out on everything good because all they were thinking about was their thighs. No one is noticing your thighs the way you are, you are okay just the way you are. 

#7- You can either have the job of your dreams, or free time, but you cannot have both. I've been deep on a yearly quest for work/life balance. I've talked to friends, and co-workers and the truth is that hollywood marriages have a hard time lasting because hollywood life means never ending tours, days on set and 16 hour days. One of my friends works for a magazine and literally has a job EVERYONE wants, but she works until 4 am and then starts again at 8 am. The anchors on the Today show make millions of dollars but they also go to work at 2 am. Seems like fun to be Taylor Swift, but Taylor Swift hasn't been home in two years and neither have those guys in 1D. I guess I'm trying to say that, even though inspirational signs always say we can, we probably cannot have it all, and we have to chose what we want more. The good news is that you always change what you want, and life ebbs and flows to fit it all in.  

#8- Instagram isn't real life, and the truth is that many of the people that I've met that are crazy famous on instagram are not really that fun to hang with anyways because all they care about is getting THE PERFECT INSTAGRAM. snooze. 

#9- Speaking of social following, your social following does not determine your worth in this world and it's sad that we think it does. Yes, there are certain things where your following will determine if you get something...a book deal, a tv job, a free hotel stay, but overall, it really doesn't matter. I know tons of people that have crazy good lives that are not sharing it on social media. I know a lot of really happy people who have beautiful families and tons of fun and they have 7 followers. If you feel like you are not sitting at the cool kids table online, that's totally fine. Please do not consider yourself a failure if a computer app doesn't get you. 

#10- Do not be afraid of rejection. I spoke with Phil Keoghan who is the host of The Amazing Race, and he told me that one of his biggest rejections happen when he had not been chosen to host "Survivor". Who knew that a few years later he would get chosen to host the world wide phenom that allows him to travel all over the world (something he loves.) Rejection happens to so many people, and I always say "it only takes one yes!" I am a firm believer in having 10 irons in the fire at all times, because most likely 9 of them will burn out but one might light fire and light up your life. 

Most people don't know this but last year I was up for a major show, and I completely blew the audition. I blew it so badly. I don't know, i got nervous and i wasn't myself and I was an embarrassment to my team and myself. Obviously, I did not get the job, and I cried in the dark for a week, and felt salty about it for months. A year later I cannot be more thrilled that it didn't work out, because I can see now the bigger path that I was meant for me. There were certain things that i couldn't have ever done if I had gotten this job. Sometimes the "no" is a "yes" from the universe that you cannot see. 

Keep living in your truths my loves.

I want to know from you, what is one truth you think leads to a great life? Leave me a comment below! 


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