Daytime // 10 Products and Secrets to Make Your Hair Grow Fast

Oh, where do I begin this blog. 

Some people are born with the DNA that makes them have long, strong, shiny manes of hair that looks good right out of the shower. People like Blake Lively, Giselle and my friend Christina Perri. 

I am not one of those people.

I've always had sort of "eh" hair for most of my life. It's fine. My hair is naturally an oddly cool deep brown (and now with some greys, ew.) I've spent most of my life making my hair blonde.  Some of that was spent in NYC blonding my hair myself in bathrooms with $9 drugstore kits. Some of it has been spent in LA with the top stylists. My hair, sort of held up for the most part. 

I grew out my hair as long as I possibly could for our wedding. In fact, when we got engaged and people would ask us when our wedding date was, I would answer "when I have mermaid hair." I was serious. I'm not a huge fan of extensions and things being glued into my head, so I wanted my own hair to be a mane. So, I set out do everything in my power to grow my lifeless, DNA scorned wisps into bride worthy mermaid hair. It totally worked. I swear to god, I had the best hair day of my life at our wedding.  (full disclosure, we did add ONE hair extension track to my wedding hair.) 

Keltie Knight wedding

After our wedding, I really wanted to get a chic "tv worthy" cut to go along with my new job. I cut a blunt bob. It was full and blonde and perfect and I loved it. I knew the heat styling of being on TV everyday was going to take a toll on my hair, but I kept up with treatments and tried my best to keep my hair healthy. Little did I know there was a bigger issue. 


I started to notice my hair falling out about 5 months after we got married. It was slight at first. Handfuls in the shower, all of a sudden my blunt haircut was weirdly breaking off at the ends. My hair was thinner after I blew it out. It got flatter fast. I didn't tell anyone because I was sure that it was just stress, or that I wasn't taking good care of my hair anymore now that the wedding was over. 

I started having many other gnarly health symptoms too. (So, gnarly in fact, I don't want them listed on this pretty blog.) I suffered in silence because I felt like I had somehow brought it all on myself. I was not drinking enough water, or I needed to eat more veggies, or I needed to get more sleep. It was all MY fault. When all of your dreams come true, the last thing anyone wants to do it hear you complain. So, I didn't. I hid my symptoms. I dealt with my thin hair, flakey skin, dark days. I sort of hid from my friends. I was so tired that I would work all day and then come home at 4 pm and go right to bed. Even if I got 12 or 14 hours of sleep I would still feel exausted. I really believed that stress was doing this to me. I cannot tell you how many nights I came home after work and cried myself to sleep. I was already feeling terrible and on top of it my poor hair! Hair is really important. We are judged on it. When our hair isn't right, we are not right. It was 10 times harder because I was seeing myself on camera each day. 

I tried everything to make my hair look better for TV. Everything! I wore extensions. I colored it darker. I had hairpieces. I mean, J.LO and Beyonce can rock wigs on the red carpet, but all I felt was uncomfortable. I had an amazing team around me and were were braiding, and flocking (where you color in your scalp to make hair look thick) and I'm very thankful for them. But, as women we know when something is up with our bodies. 

It wasn't until the symptoms got so bad that I began to seek medical help. An AHA moment came for me when I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease that was attacking my thyroid. It was scary because your thyroid is MAJORLY important to almost every aspect of your health. I had suffered for so long, alone, in silence that it was such a relief to hear the doctor say "you are going to feel better soon."  The good news is what I have is 100% fixable! Yippee!

I do feel better, and I am well on my way to perfect!  Plus, I am on my way back to mermaid hair. You would not imagine how much my hair has grown in just a few weeks, and how much healthier these products are making it. Come back to the blog, as I will be updating as I trek along my health journey. But, I know it's working. I can see it on my head and in pictures. I'll be a mermaid by Christmas! I also want to thank all of you for your love and support. I want to tell all of you that if you are not feeling right, go to the doctor! Do NOT wait and think you have to be superwoman! 


Here is what I am using and what is working: 

#1- VIVISCAL hair pills // I swear by these. Do not waste your money on buying biotin or other vitamins. This is the one. It's spendy but worth it. You have to be consistent and take one pill every morning and every night, and you do not see real results until box three. But, I'm just starting box four, and my hair is growing like a weed (this almost means your leg hair grows like a weed, sorry.) The new hair growing is strong and shiny, and I really cannot say enough about this stuff. A couple women at work are taking it and they say the same thing. Box THREE is when you see it and it's amazing. It's available to purchase in salons and HERE.

#2-  INPHENOM Shampoo  // This is a Japanese shampoo and it works wonders. It's very gentle on the hair, and leaves my hair so shiny and soft. Available to purchase  HERE.

#2- INPHENOM Shampoo // This is a Japanese shampoo and it works wonders. It's very gentle on the hair, and leaves my hair so shiny and soft. Available to purchase HERE.




#3- INPHENOM treatment // THIS. THIS. THIS. THIS. THIS IS EVERYTHING. I don't even know why it works, but I put this on for 20 minutes under a shower cap. It is the best deep conditioner I have ever used, ever. Leaves hair super soft, and i swear it fixes split ends. Makes hair shiny and lightweight. I notice that with a lot of deep treatments the hair is oily after, not here. It's magical. I swear. Available to purchase HERE.

#4 BIOSILK // I find this to be the best lightweight hair oil around. Plus, it smells great. I just put a tiny drop in my palms and then run through my hair. It really does make hair feel like silk. It's lightweight though, so it doesn't weigh hair down like many hair oils. Plus, it's colorless so it won't ruin your blonde! Biosilk is available HERE.

#5- SHIMMER LIGHTS // I love this old school product for boosting up my color in between visits to the salon. Coloring hair is hard on it, so I use this to brighten up and freshen up my color. I swear, it's magical. (Use only if you are blonde or brassy.) Shimmer Lights can be found at most drug stores or purchase HERE.

#6- NIOXIN Scalp Treatment // My hair stylist suggested this for me for my bad spots and it 100% works. I've been spraying a little on the thin patches each morning before I style my hair. You have to use it daily, or you won't see results. Apparently, I am not alone because the reviews on Amazon and glowing also. You can purchase Nioxin HERE.

#6- BRAIDS // Braids are the mothership to all hair growth. If you are growing out your bangs, you can hid them with a braid. Braids are chic and totally on trend right now for summer. Braids are a great way to style your hair without using heat and still look like you "did" it. I love to do an inverted braid (braid under instead of over) with a center part and then pin the back back messy. Pins back with a few pins, and feel free to add a flower or a metal accessory. Here is an article E! did about me and the rest of Hollywood's braided ladies! 

#7- MICROFIBER TOWEL // Did you know that wrapping your hair up in that regular towel after you shower is actually breaking your hair off? Hair gets caught in the snags of the towels. Yes, this is intense. But if you really want to protect those little hairs, you have to have a microfiber towel to dry your hair with. (I've also started using micro fiber towels to wash my face, because hot damn they are soft.) 

#8- TANGLE TEEZER // I learned about this special brush from the ladies at ALLURE magazine. It looks silly but it works. It's very gentle on hair, and helps literally untangle you hair without causing it too much stress. I have a gold one. 

#9- SULTRA WAND // This is the bombshell 1 inch wand. IF IF IF IF you HAVE to heat style your hair. I strongly recommend this. The Japanese Kyocera Ceramic Technology actually mends hair while you style.  Make sure your wand is clean and DO NOT spray anything except a heat protectant on hair before you curl. (Some people spray hairspray before the curl so the curl will hold. I found that this makes the hair extra brittle and dry.) The Sultra Wand can be purchased HERE.

#10- COLD WATER RINSE // This old wives tale is actually true. A cold rinse adds shine, seals the cuticle and I've found makes my hair shiny. Also, the cold water stimulated blood flow to your scalp and that promotes hair growth! 


So, long story short. I am doing every single one of these things and I am seeing major results. The worst is over and I know that many women suffer silently about issues like this, and I want you all the know it's okay to have a flaw. It's okay to be mad at the universe over it and cry. But, then we have to get back up on our ponies and ride off into the beautiful sunset because after all, it's JUST our outsides. Whether you deal with hair loss, acne, or extra weight just know that this too shall pass and it's your INSIDES that really matter. 

"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams, and you will always look lovely."