#Heartblog // Hard Work

I can remember standing at the barre in ballet school at 12 years old, preparing for my Royal Acedemy on Ballet exam. I can remember looking at myself in the mirror, in pink tights, black leotard and hating every single thing about myself.

Sometimes I wonder why I kept going. Why I never gave up, and why I was obssessed with making a very impossible dream possible for myself. 

This morning I woke up to a bunch of emails, from a project that I was trying to pull together, for no reason other than I thought it was cool. It was most likely someone else's job to work on, and I wasn't reeping any of the benefits of making it a success, so I guess I sort of hard to have a talk with myself about what matters, what i need to work hard on and what i don't. 

It's a weird feeling when you have to stop being such a hard worker for everyone else, and just focus on yourself. I'm not good at it. But, I waste a ginormas amount of time that I would be petting Hobo doing things that are pointless. 

So I made a list: 

Things I should work hard on:

-my phyiscal health (going to the gym, yoga and ballet)

-writing things that inspire and change the world

-my on camera hosting technique

-building my readership

-calling my family everyday and making them feel closer than they are

-being a good friend, abandoning my feelings of jealousy + greed, and supporting my closest friends

-being a good woman for Swoon. Being kind, thoughtful and making sure he knows how special he is to me. 

-walking Hobo more

-believing in my own power to love myself

-listening to more music

Things I should not work hard on:

-making friends with people who do not like me.

-doing other peoples work for them.

-acting like I am more powerful than I am.

-making other people feel comfortable in their laziness


-making other peoples business's successful when the success is not mine, or noticed. 

-giving other people awesome ideas

-proving my worth to others. 

So here is your homework army, tonight you MUST comment below with your own list of things you will work hard on, and will not waste any more time on! 

I'm excited to read what you write. 

xx! keltie. 

Ps. here is a video for you to watch.