#Heartblog // What To Do When You Want To Start All Over

A got a sweet message in my tumblr ask box last night, and I couldn’t think of a better topic for some writing.

“Hi Keltie, I don't exactly know why I'm writing this to you but its late at night and I can't sleep and as usual I have all these annoying thoughts going through my head. I guess if anyone knew that feeling it would be you. Have you ever just lay in bed and though to yourself "You know I really just want to move away to the otherside of the world, start over again, find something to do with my life and find people that understand me" ? Lately its all I can do NOT to think about it. Help?”

We have all been there. You get to a point where the world is crashing down, and you just want to escape, and start over. I hate this place. For me, it happens alot when the best of intentions, get somehow manipulated into some sort of epic disaster. You think, well, I was TRYING to do something good, and then the whole world blew up, so if when I try to be good this happens- then WTF is the point of even trying?

So, what is the point of trying?

The point of trying is that, everyone else is gonna give up with the hit that “fight or flight” roadblock. All of the other people trying to make it in this world, will hit this wall, and be content with just running and being a sub-par fearful human their entire lives. I know you do not want to be that person.

The magical things in my life have always been right over the hill. Right behind the epic disaster. The broken friendship, the break-up, the lost job, the fight. I swear. If you handle things with caution and compassion, eventually, the dark turns light.

SO, take those arms of yours and give yourself a big ass hug right now, and then get up and figure out the steps to make whatever is eating you alive, go away.

Keep going! The answer to everything is to be honest to yourself about what the real issue is and to not expect anyone to fix it for you!