#Heartblog // Breakups

Dear you,

There are a few things that never get any easier. While putting on fake eyelashes, finding a good bra and algebra are pretty high on my list, I would place getting dumped at the very top.

Placing all of your hopes, dreams and expectations into someone else’s heart, showing the sides of you that no one else gets to see, your deepest, darkest secrets and your truest self, only to have that person decide that they do not like the deepest, truest version of yourself- can be very hard on your heart.
You must learn the difference between someone not being able to love you the way you wish they would, and something being wrong with you. They are totally different things.

My hope for you is that you will spend as little time as possible grieving those goodbyes as you can. Accept the pain of goodbye and all of it’s uncomfortable pain and continue on your adventure to find the person who wants to love and cherish all of your deepest secrets. Other people do not get to decide if we are worthwhile, lovable people. Other people do not get to decide if we get to be happy. Only WE decide that, and I am not saying that it won’t hurt like a bitch, but if you keep your head held high, I promise you.. It won’t hurt like a bitch forever.

Love, Me.