Daytime// How She Transformed Her Body For Free In Her Bedroom

 Meet Brittany

I've watched Britt make an incredible transformation over the past year on her Instagram page. Right in front of my eyes she was making me lust after her abs, and so I finally asked her what she had done. Granted, she was a major babe before, and I'm a firm believer that you do not have to be a size 4 to be beautiful and healthy. But, she's just glowing with confidence and self-love now. 

 I think many people would look at her transformation and think she spent a bunch of money at the gym on a trainer, or went to $30 Soul Cycle classes 7 days a week. Nope! Britt proves that you can change your body and your life in your own house for free. Take a look at her inspirational story below:


"When people ask me what my "secret" is to how I got in shape and have changed so drastically, I always respond with "I finally learned to love myself from the inside out." Of course that is usually not the answer people expect so I then go more in depth. Overall, I finally decided to start making more positive live choices that helped heal my heart and soul and make me a stronger healthier person. Those changes to my mind and mental wellbeing then led to me wanting to make changes to better my appearance. I stopped partying as much, canceled my gym membership, started eating clean and making my own meals and began to listen to my body instead of comparing myself to everyone else. I spent most of my life hating my body and falling victim to my own life, even at my happiest of times, I was never truly present or aware of how I was feeling."

"My fitness routine is very simple now that I no longer MAKE myself workout to be "skinny". If I am in the mood to workout I workout in my room for sometimes only 15 minutes to up to an hour using light free weights and/or my own body weight. I love hiking and going for nice walks or runs in the mornings to clear my head and get me ready for the day! I couldn't back the saying "Abs start in kitchen" anymore than I do now. You really are what you eat so my biggest bit of advice is to build a healthy relationship with food, eat healthy and clean all day, get your nutrients and lean proteins and watch the magic work. Another big tip is DRINK WATER!!! I try to get in at least a gallon of water a day and have also massively cut out refined sugars as well as coffee (unsweetened green tea is my savior). Start loving yourself, that is the key to unlocking the most gorgeous and healthy you :) "

I mean THOSE ABS!!!!!

Truthfully, seeing Britt make these changes has inspired me to do the same. I think working out to be "skinny" makes working out this terrible thing we HAVE to do. I also agree 100% with her when she says that it all starts in the kitchen. One of my favorite celebrities Hugh Jackman told me once in an interview "you cannot out train your diet."  It's true. 

I hope Brittany's story inspires you to love yourself from the inside out, and love yourself enough to make those little changes so that you are your best, healthiest you. I would love to know what your best health tip is in the comments below, or follow me on Instagram for more daily inspiration! 

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