#Heartblog // What If We Obsessed Over The Good?


Imagine if we obsessed about the things we loved about ourselves. 

It's crazy to think that most of us walk around with a running inner monologue,  filled with a running list of everything that is wrong with us. We lower our eyes. We hide our hands. We drop comments under our breath filled with self-judgement, just so that we can be the first one in the room to pick ourselves apart before anyone else has the chance too.  Sound familiar? 

"Hi, good to see you! Sorry my skin is bad today...it's crazy!"

"Sorry I'm late I've been running around, I look like shit."

As someone who lives her life in the living rooms of millions of people every night on television, I can honestly say that photos and video are the worst. I can see myself on TV, or in a photo and my mind will instantly go to picking myself apart. 

It goes something like this: That one tooth I've knocked out twice that is different than the others. I have the neck of a 65 year old Grandma no matter how much I work out. My hair. ugh.  My Skin. ugh.  My Lips. Crooked.  Why did I wear that? Why won't that one acne scar on my cheek go away!  The list is endless. It's exhausting to be inside my head. You? 

One of my biggest goals for 2015 was to stop the negative self-talk. I'm not sure why we do this. I know for me it was a mix of forcing myself to remain humble by reminding myself and everyone around me that I'm full of flaws, and the deep feeling what think we all feel... Am I good enough? 

I want to remind you all that you are enough. Flaws make you beautiful. I've talked to enough supermodels and celebrities to know that even the most beautiful women in the world, pick themselves apart too. 

The secret must be to obsessed over the things we love about ourselves instead of the things we hate. I really like my shoulders. It's great to have size 6.5 feet. I have nice eyebrows. See? Those positives are there, but we drown them out so loudly with the negative, we never have time to actually hear our inner love.  

It's Friday, and you have an entire weekend of summer instagram snaps, and time with friends and fun weekend maxi-dresses.  I dare you to look in the mirror each morning and tell yourself out loud one thing you love about yourself. It's hard enough out there for a #girlboss, let's all stop being our own worst enemy. Deal? I'll try if you will. 

Just to start us off, here's a picture of me driving to work this morning with zit cream on. 


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