#Keltwalk // Bow Tie Beauty

Keltie Knight  Indie Chick Magazine

Photo: Mike Rosenthal Photography

Here's a story:

When I did my first photoshoot for The Insider I spend an entire week picking out my outfits to wear. The day I arrived on set I pulled out all my carefully crafted looks and the wardrobe supervisor said to me "Oh, I had a note for you from the bosses. Do not let Keltie wear anything crazy like a bow-tie!" 

Don't worry...my number one outfit was a black skirt with a white button up blouse and a BOW TIE!!!!! 

I didn't get to wear that look for that shoot, but I did get to rock a bow-tie on the cover of Indie Chick Magazine last spring. For a while, I couldn't find any chic bow-ties to purchase, but it looks like ASOS has restocked the motherload. 

Get tied up below: 

ASOS Small Bow Tie Available HERE.

ASOS Oversized Bow Tie Available HERE

River Island Polka Dot Neck Tie Available HERE.

ASOS Satin Neck tie Available HERE.

ASOS Satin Pussybow Necktie Available HERE.

SPENDY: Saint Laurent Velvet Neck Tie Available HERE.


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