Daytime // Happy Birthday Christina!

I normally would not post an entire blog just to wish a friend a happy birthday, but today CP turns 29 and every year I like to go back and watch my most favorite video of all time. The best thing about friends is that time passes and friendships just become more beautiful and special. I love Christina so much, and it blows my mind when I see Cp on TV, or in Billboard or with close to a million followers on twitter. Little Christina who played a show for 4 people once, killing the game and staying true to herself. She's equally as beautiful on the insider as she is on the outside, and her hair grows 15 times faster than mine and for that I will forever be jealous. 

If you don't have Christina's record Head or Heart, it's one of the best I've ever heard, and you can grab it here. If you are lucky enough to be at The Greek Theatre tomorrow to see her slay under the stars, come up and hug me. (i'll be wearing my custom CP t shirt.) 

Now, enjoy all the laughs of my "Modern Dance".