Daytime // DIY Barcelona Chair

I did a photo shoot at The Line hotel a few years back and I became obsessed with the decor. I feel into a deep romance with the Sean Knibb chairs. I actually wrote Sean's website begging to buy a few, and they were not available. (they are now for $695 per chair. Yikes!)

The Line Hotel Room Decor

I decided instead to make my own version of the Sean Knibb Chair by using a Knoll Barcelona Chair. Barcelona's are basically the Louboutin of the decor world. Instantly chic, perfect design and super recognizable. The bad news is that much like a fancy designer shoe, the price tag is hefty. 

I wanted a set of these chairs for my living room, but with a $1300 hundred per chair price tag, I knew I was going to need to be creative. I searched Craigslist for months, and nothing came up. Finally, I found a set of chairs, in terrible shape. The leather was all broken on the seams. The stuffing was rotten and broken down and falling out of the holes on the bottom. However, the frame was in perfect condition. I bought both chairs for $250. A MAJOR STEAL! 

The chair looks not bad in this photo but has holes and rotten stuffing and a lot of damage to the bottom of the chairs.

The chair looks not bad in this photo but has holes and rotten stuffing and a lot of damage to the bottom of the chairs.

I thought about covering the chairs with leather again, but leather is super expensive and I try to live my life as cruelty free as possible. I was scrolling through instagram and fell in LOVE with a fabric that Modern Haus has posted on her Instagram. I wrote her and asked if I could buy her fabric to cover my chairs. 

mexican blanket bag

She imported the fabric directly from Mexico, so after a few weeks two HUGE blankets were delivered to my house. I laid the fabric out and then spent a few days with it hung over the chair in my living room to make sure that I liked the colors.  I almost wanted to take them to the beach first....

Mexican Blanket

I then took the fabric and cushions to an upholstery place near my house. They had a little bit of trouble recovering the cushions, so I had to pay extra for new stuffing but my total was $200 for the new cushions. I was thrilled when they came back! If you are excellent at sewing you could do this yourself, but I'm still at throw pillow sewing level :)

Mexican blanket DIY

The cushions look incredible, and I put them on the chairs and I think I got very close to my inspiration photo. I love the way the chairs look. I love that they add some modern color to my space, and they are pretty comfy too! 

Rug (Similar):  West Elm

Rug (Similar): West Elm

Total the chairs cost me $450. At $225 per chair, they are steal compared to the Barcelona or the Sean Knibb chairs. Plus, they are one of a kind and super special! The space is really coming together and I'm doing even more projects and a kitchen reno in the next few weeks! I'll keep you updated on the final look! 

mexican blanket chair