#Keltwalk // The Best Thigh High Boots (On A Budget!)

Sometimes you just have to put on a pair of bitchy boots and stomp through life.

Had such good life chats with my girlfriend Jessica last night, and we just talked on and on about how no one is really going to ever hand you anything on a silver platter. No one is going to believe in you, the way you believe in you. People do not just get plucked from the world. You have to create your life, you have to take names and make people remember yours. It's hard, and exhausting. That is why so many people give up. They give up when it seems like there isn't anything else they can do. But, I believe there is always something you can do to push yourself forward, and sometimes it is as small as just changing your attitude. 

My loves, put your bitchy boots on and go change your world today. I believe in you! 

Keltie Knight Steve Madden Gorgeous Boots
Steve Madden Gorgeous Boots

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