Daytime // Keltie "the actress" Comes to CBS Daytime!

I have some exciting news I've been waiting to share with you guys. But, of course it comes with a  story...

On my manifest list this year, one of my goals was to book 4 jobs outside my regular job on The Insider, lovingly known as my "side hustle". I had been looking at my list on my mirror and wondering what would #4 be? Just like that the universe told me the answer! 

Out of the blue, THAT SAME DAY, I got an amazing call from one of the most iconic daytime soaps of all time The YOUNG & THE RESTLESS and I'm super excited to announce that I will be guesting staring multiple times as a "journalist" who has a lot of fire and sass. It was super fun to be on set and film, and my first episode airs this friday! 

The super talented Bryton James and I on set! 

The super talented Bryton James and I on set! 

What is SO wild about the actors on this show is how incredibly talented they are, I watched them laugh, speak and cry on cue, with almost no rehearsal and on point every single time! It's incredible the amount of lines they memorize and perfect each and everyday to keep this show alive. I was blown away! 

From Sharknado to the daytime set...this is really cool guys! Make sure to watch Young & The Restless on Friday! 

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